Stop taking notes and start participating

Albi is a meeting assistant that extracts key insights from your meeting and delivers them to the right people.

Cut to the bottom line

With Albi you get key decisions and action items from all your meetings delivered instantly to one place.

Transform and empower meeting contributors

By removing mindless tasks, Albi helps humans be present in meetings and receive feedback on building their capabilities and effectiveness.

Albi is platform agnostic

Invite albi to your meetings just like any other guest, regardless of the platform.

Google HangoutsZoomMicrosoft Teams

The coach you didn’t know you needed

teams at scale

Regardless of the size of your team, Albi can be everywhere at once.

for everyone

Albi learns each team member and provides customized feedback for personal growth.

It’s Private
(just for you)

The feedback Albi provides is only seen by you!

  • Prior to using Albi I was relegated to deciding between taking notes or engaging in meetings. With Albi, I can focus on engaging in each meeting.
    Jonathan Petkevich
  • Albi is very intuitive to use and allows us to truly listen to our stakeholders rather than frantically scribbling notes.
    Carol McDonnell
  • Integrating Albi into StartupCamp has been a game changer! For the first time we can focus on the meeting and let Albi do the work that no one wants to do.
    Chris Graebe

Watch the burden of note taking disappear.

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